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A Stress-free Fishing Weekend at the Beach

When I brought my family to the Tyler Place Family Resort, I could say that I was more than satisfied with the place, but that’s just my fishermen’s angle. I wouldn’t say that the resort is the luxurious type but the cabins are very homey and cozy. There is even a fireplace in the living room area which adds to the ambiance. Apart from that, you even have a beautiful view of the sea from your room. There are also beach chairs outside your cabin if you feel like relaxing and enjoying the sea breeze. When it comes to dining, you can choose to dine indoors or outdoors. I preferred dining outdoors because the fresh air in the vicinity feels so good! There are also a lot of activities that families can participate in like swimming, water sports, cycling and even horseback riding. For the swimming and water sports, you could choose to go to the sea or go to the swimming area. My wife and two daughters of 6 and 5 enjoyed swimming in the swimming pool area because of the slide and kiddie pool. Me and my eldest son of 13 enjoyed doing all kinds of beach activities in the sea like sailing, kayaking, and also fishing.


What I really enjoyed about this place is the fishing! As a hardcore angler, I’m always looking for places where I can try out my rod and reel. This place is teeming with all kinds of fish that I can catch. This is definitely a haven for any angler that would want to catch different types of game. Also, the resort had a guide that brought me to the best spots in the area. The guide knew where all the fish resided, and he brought me there so I could really enjoy the whole experience. I would say that the fishing here was the best that I ever had.

Out of 10, I’d definitely give this place a 10. Not only were the amenities really great but the service as well. The people that attended to us were so friendly and helpful if we needed anything! Everything about this place was fantastic, and I definitely want to come back here again during the next vacation. I’d also recommend this place to my friends and relatives if they want to have a great weekend with great fishing! If you are an angler like me who wants to relax, then this is the best place for you to go.