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A Stress-free Fishing Weekend at the Beach

When I brought my family to the Tyler Place Family Resort, I could say that I was more than satisfied with the place, but that’s just my fishermen’s angle. I wouldn’t say that the resort is the luxurious type but the cabins are very homey and cozy. There is even a fireplace in the living room area which adds to the ambiance. Apart from that, you even have a beautiful view of the sea from your room. There are also beach chairs outside your cabin if you feel like relaxing and enjoying the sea breeze. When it comes to dining, you can choose to dine indoors or outdoors. I preferred dining outdoors because the fresh air in the vicinity feels so good! There are also a lot of activities that families can participate in like swimming, water sports, cycling and even horseback riding. For the swimming and water sports, you could choose to go to the sea or go to the swimming area. My wife and two daughters of 6 and 5 enjoyed swimming in the swimming pool area because of the slide and kiddie pool. Me and my eldest son of 13 enjoyed doing all kinds of beach activities in the sea like sailing, kayaking, and also fishing.


What I really enjoyed about this place is the fishing! As a hardcore angler, I’m always looking for places where I can try out my rod and reel. This place is teeming with all kinds of fish that I can catch. This is definitely a haven for any angler that would want to catch different types of game. Also, the resort had a guide that brought me to the best spots in the area. The guide knew where all the fish resided, and he brought me there so I could really enjoy the whole experience. I would say that the fishing here was the best that I ever had.

Out of 10, I’d definitely give this place a 10. Not only were the amenities really great but the service as well. The people that attended to us were so friendly and helpful if we needed anything! Everything about this place was fantastic, and I definitely want to come back here again during the next vacation. I’d also recommend this place to my friends and relatives if they want to have a great weekend with great fishing! If you are an angler like me who wants to relax, then this is the best place for you to go.

Newport Beach Deep-Sea Angling Cruise

newport-beach-californiaAfter a stressful couple of weeks trying to find a kayak I had final locked one down. To celebrate the new purchase of what I think is the best fishing kayak on the market my family and I decided to take time off from the hustle and bustle of the city to enjoy and spend time with each other on the sea waters off the bank of Newport Beach; and mind you, we absolutely enjoyed that sensational five hours. We embarked on this fun angling cruise, and it was truly one-of-a-kind experience. We didn’t even have to bring our own rod and tackle gear and equipment as we were informed that these are already included in the package. The children got to experience fishing and even lured in some fishes, including a tiny shark! You wouldn’t even need to have experience to enjoy this lovely day, since they have exceptionally skilled crew members that happily provided us assistance in anything that’s related to fishing.

The highlights of the Newport Beach Deep-Sea Angling Cruise included the following:

  • Newport Beach deep-sea angling tour for half a day
  • Fishing gear and equipment- bait, rod and tackle
  • A marvelous palette of fish, including barracuda, bass, and many more!
  • Educated and neighborly group will help with angling
  • Skilled and approachable crew to provide assistance with anything related to fishing
  • Option of three departure periods

Perfect for both experienced and beginner anglers, this deep-sea angling tour that lasts for a good 5 hours is an incredible way to appreciate the delightful Pacific waters close to the banks of Newport Beach, and I do highly recommend it to people who are just aching for a break. Bounce on board and gleefully experience a deep-sea adventure off the beautiful coast of California. The educated and amicable staff of the cruise will assist you in setting up your hooks and rods; and of course, demonstrate to you only the best angling tips and tricks for getting trophy fish. Catches that are common in the area, based on our fishing experience, include sheepshead, bonito, bass, sculpin, sea bass, barracuda and the mackerel. deep-sea-fishing-cruise-from-newport-beach

From the Newport Beach, we journeyed along the coastline of Orange County, beyond Huntington Beach, Corona Del Mar, Dana Point and Long Beach. While we were sitting tight for fish to take the bait, it was so hard for us not to appreciate and focus on the exquisite beach front view.

The cutting edge deep-sea angling vessel provided for us was completely outfitted with wide and spacious seating inside and outside, clean comfort rooms and a snack bar that is full-service. Beverages and snacks are included in the snack bars are to be purchased.

If you want to join the sailing experience, but don’t really want to participate in the angling activities, you can purchase boarding passes made available. On the other hand, if you want to be part of the whole experience, make it a point to book this cruise for a very meaningful adventure.

Trophy Bass Fishing Experience

10-2-14-e1419996039146Fishing for bass in Florida which is known as the bass fishing capital of the world had always been my dream. On the Trophy Bass Fishing experience tour, I was able to live it and it really was amazing. The tour started pretty early in the morning at around 7:30 am. The departure point was around an hour away from Orlando so it was a good decision to leave early. I was excited from the beginning as I had always loved fishing in the mornings. I was pretty upbeat and so were all my companions. The passion that the party had was one of the first things that I noticed on this tour which also spurred me on as well.

We were provided top of the line rods, artificial baits, hooks and reels for catching the fish. There were experienced fishermen on board that provided tips to the party members on how to catch bass quickly. The guides were really helpful and took us to all the hotspots where there was a strong chance of catching bass. This tour is thus excellent for both experienced and novice anglers alike and everyone can be sure to catch something when going on this tour.

10-14-14-2-Chuck-Rlankenheim-e1419996027418Another thing that caught my eye during the Trophy Bass Fishing Experience was that there were a number of other fish that were on offer in the waters in addition to the bass. I was able to catch a crappie and bowfin along with a decent sized bass. Since the practice of catch, photograph and release was advocated on this tour, I took a snap with my bass and let the fish go. It was a good thing that there were digital cameras available on the boat so I had no trouble in getting myself photographer with my catch. Another good thing was that the photograph was printed instantly.

Iced water and soft drinks were provided to the participants of the tour which was another positive thing that I witnessed on the Trophy Bass Fishing Experience. Moreover, there were life preservers available too which I liked. Despite all these positives, there still were some things that I wanted to have in the tour. Hotel pick and drop was not included in the package but was available for an additional fee. So, if you are planning on going this tour then do keep in mind that you would have to pay extra if you want to be picked up and dropped off at your place.

Half-Day Deep-Sea Fishing Cruise, Newport Beach

deep-sea-fish-generic-2Deep sea fishing is a very enjoyable and fun experience. I had the pleasure of going on the half-day deep-sea fishing cruise from Newport Beach. It was a very pleasing experience for me, one which I enjoyed quite a lot. There were three different departure timings available for this fishing cruise but since I wanted to enjoy the early morning fresh air, I decided to go at 6am. Our cruise left for the deep sea from the Newport Harbor at exactly 6am. I liked the punctuality as it provided me the chance to see the sun rise in the sky which was a beautiful sight for sure.

When we reached the deep sea where we were to fish, we were given rods, tackle and baits which were all included in the tour. I was told that there were plenty of bass and barracuda in the waters there and that it would be easy to catch some good fish. Being a seasoned angler, I had no issues in getting used to the new rods and baits but the other anglers weren’t so lucky. However, the good thing was that a fishing crew was available on the cruise which helped and assisted in catching fish. So, if you are planning on going this tour then rest assured that you would have help on hand to catch fish.

I was very happy with the entire tour. I had plenty of fun, catching a great deal of fish. The crew also gave me some excellent tips on how to catch the fish quickly. I was impressed with the knowledge that they had. The youngsters on the cruise were also able to catch some decent sized bass and barracudas. Another of the good aspect of the tour that I liked was that fish larger or smaller than the legal size were returned to the water immediately. It was a very fine day and the whole 5 hour tour was exciting and full of fun.


Although I liked this deep-sea fishing cruise a lot, there were some things that I felt must have been included in the tour. Foods and drinks were excluded from the tour altogether. There were drinks and food items available for purchase but it would have been better if they were included in the package. Moreover, hotel pick and drop would also be good as reaching the Newport harbor in the early morning is a little troublesome.