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Big game sport fishing in Hawaii is something everyone should experience. Fishing in Haleiwa, off the North Shore of Oahu, is one of the best locations
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Chupu Charters – Hawaii
On most boats in Hawaii the captain decides what kind of fishing you and your group will be doing. He picks the area and the tackle and lures or bait. As most fishermen know there are many many ways to catch a fish and we want our guests to be a part of the decision making process. Some people want a big Marlin and only a big Marlin, some just want to pole to bend over all day long others want to mix things up a little. Junior anglers can have special requirements as well. We want you to participate in your day.

Upon arrival to the boat you will be greeted by Captain Jesse Lovett (he’s the younger one) or Captain Dave Borgman (he’s the older one) on the Foxy Lady and Deck-hand Jerrold McNulty (he’s the quite one).  These licensed Captains and Deck-hand have all the necessary knowledge, experience, and judgment required to provide you with a trip that meets and exceeds the United States Coast Guard standards of safety and comfort. You will find no finer sportfishing crew in Hawaii.There are several things that separate this crew from other charter boats in Hawaii. One is Captain Jesse’s passion for trying “new” fishing tricks that are gleaned from constant research all over the world. There are Marlin, Tuna, Mahi Mahi and Wahoo in all of the world’s oceans. But fishing techniques differ greatly from place to place. Captain Jesse is always trying to figure out how to adapt new techniques to make them work on his boat and for his guests. The second factor that discriminates this crew from all others is Captain Jesse and Captain Dave’s information network. If there has been a fish caught across the state from Kauai all the way to the Big Island of Hawaii, Captain Jesse and Captain Dave know about it!

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Contact: Jesse Lovett
Phone: 808-637-3474