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Newport Beach Deep-Sea Angling Cruise

newport-beach-californiaAfter a stressful couple of weeks trying to find a kayak I had final locked one down. To celebrate the new purchase of what I think is the best fishing kayak on the market my family and I decided to take time off from the hustle and bustle of the city to enjoy and spend time with each other on the sea waters off the bank of Newport Beach; and mind you, we absolutely enjoyed that sensational five hours. We embarked on this fun angling cruise, and it was truly one-of-a-kind experience. We didn’t even have to bring our own rod and tackle gear and equipment as we were informed that these are already included in the package. The children got to experience fishing and even lured in some fishes, including a tiny shark! You wouldn’t even need to have experience to enjoy this lovely day, since they have exceptionally skilled crew members that happily provided us assistance in anything that’s related to fishing.

The highlights of the Newport Beach Deep-Sea Angling Cruise included the following:

  • Newport Beach deep-sea angling tour for half a day
  • Fishing gear and equipment- bait, rod and tackle
  • A marvelous palette of fish, including barracuda, bass, and many more!
  • Educated and neighborly group will help with angling
  • Skilled and approachable crew to provide assistance with anything related to fishing
  • Option of three departure periods

Perfect for both experienced and beginner anglers, this deep-sea angling tour that lasts for a good 5 hours is an incredible way to appreciate the delightful Pacific waters close to the banks of Newport Beach, and I do highly recommend it to people who are just aching for a break. Bounce on board and gleefully experience a deep-sea adventure off the beautiful coast of California. The educated and amicable staff of the cruise will assist you in setting up your hooks and rods; and of course, demonstrate to you only the best angling tips and tricks for getting trophy fish. Catches that are common in the area, based on our fishing experience, include sheepshead, bonito, bass, sculpin, sea bass, barracuda and the mackerel. deep-sea-fishing-cruise-from-newport-beach

From the Newport Beach, we journeyed along the coastline of Orange County, beyond Huntington Beach, Corona Del Mar, Dana Point and Long Beach. While we were sitting tight for fish to take the bait, it was so hard for us not to appreciate and focus on the exquisite beach front view.

The cutting edge deep-sea angling vessel provided for us was completely outfitted with wide and spacious seating inside and outside, clean comfort rooms and a snack bar that is full-service. Beverages and snacks are included in the snack bars are to be purchased.

If you want to join the sailing experience, but don’t really want to participate in the angling activities, you can purchase boarding passes made available. On the other hand, if you want to be part of the whole experience, make it a point to book this cruise for a very meaningful adventure.