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Trophy Bass Fishing Experience

10-2-14-e1419996039146Fishing for bass in Florida which is known as the bass fishing capital of the world had always been my dream. On the Trophy Bass Fishing experience tour, I was able to live it and it really was amazing. The tour started pretty early in the morning at around 7:30 am. The departure point was around an hour away from Orlando so it was a good decision to leave early. I was excited from the beginning as I had always loved fishing in the mornings. I was pretty upbeat and so were all my companions. The passion that the party had was one of the first things that I noticed on this tour which also spurred me on as well.

We were provided top of the line rods, artificial baits, hooks and reels for catching the fish. There were experienced fishermen on board that provided tips to the party members on how to catch bass quickly. The guides were really helpful and took us to all the hotspots where there was a strong chance of catching bass. This tour is thus excellent for both experienced and novice anglers alike and everyone can be sure to catch something when going on this tour.

10-14-14-2-Chuck-Rlankenheim-e1419996027418Another thing that caught my eye during the Trophy Bass Fishing Experience was that there were a number of other fish that were on offer in the waters in addition to the bass. I was able to catch a crappie and bowfin along with a decent sized bass. Since the practice of catch, photograph and release was advocated on this tour, I took a snap with my bass and let the fish go. It was a good thing that there were digital cameras available on the boat so I had no trouble in getting myself photographer with my catch. Another good thing was that the photograph was printed instantly.

Iced water and soft drinks were provided to the participants of the tour which was another positive thing that I witnessed on the Trophy Bass Fishing Experience. Moreover, there were life preservers available too which I liked. Despite all these positives, there still were some things that I wanted to have in the tour. Hotel pick and drop was not included in the package but was available for an additional fee. So, if you are planning on going this tour then do keep in mind that you would have to pay extra if you want to be picked up and dropped off at your place.